About Ōshadi

A regenerative fashion initiative, mindfully building a seed-to-sew supply chain in rural India.


Oshadi, pronounced aw-sha-dhi, means ‘essence of nature’ or ‘healing plant’ in Sanskrit. We began our journey as a womenswear label, founded by Nishanth Chopra in 2016. Our desire to respect and regenerate the Earth has since led us through every process that goes into creating clothing, from printing and dyeing to weaving and spinning, and eventually back to the soil.

Today we are cultivating a new fashion system–one rooted in ancient Indian agricultural practices and artisan heritage, with a 50-acre regenerative cotton farm at its heart. We share what we have built with brands and designers whose values align with our simple ethos: to give back more than we take.

The Oshadi Approach

Creating beautiful clothing, from farm to finished garment

We believe in radical transparency. Our collections are sourced, spun, naturally dyed, woven, printed and sewn in the villages neighbouring our farm, so we can ensure every stage of production is sustainable and fair. We work with a collective of local farmers and artisans to make fashion that honours the hands of its makers and nurtures the lands where it is grown.