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“Oshadi is opening a new avenue for brands to explore by following a slower and mindful process of navigating the fashion production cycle.”

Nov-Dec issue 2023 | Vogue India


Green Dreamer

“Certainly, the entire fashion industry has so much to learn from [Nishanth’s] leadership and this relocalization of the textile supply chain that [he] is building.”

Nishanth Chopra: Rebuilding Regenerative Seed-To-Sew Fashion Systems Rooted In Community | Green Dreamer

Cotton Diaries

“As a farming, processing, dyeing, and manufacturing operation that partners directly with brands and produces an own-label clothing line, Nishanth’s work spans the entire supply chain from farm to finished fashion product.”

Building A Seed-To-Sew Supply Chain | Cotton Diaries


“The way in which Oshadi has completely shifted the paradigms of the textile value chain in favour of a rural, regenerative solution is surely a testament to its founder’s sense of initiative.”

Inside Oshadi: The Collective Building A Regenerative Fashion Supply Chain In Rural India | Eco-Age

10 Men Magazine

“As well as returning to, and developing, local farming practices, which work with nature rather than against it, Chopra has developed a business system where the farmers are protected financially whatever the yield.”

Autumn/ Winter, Issue 58 | 10 Men magazine

10 MEN


“Oshadi’s vertically integrated business model, with everything done within the farm, is a progressive one. Furthermore, regenerative farming goes beyond sustainability, using practices that leave the soil replenished to improve biodiversity.”

The New Grassroots Economy: Oshadi | Courier Magazine



“Fashion’s sprawling global supply chain has made ‘traceability’ difficult, and it isn’t enough to rely on flimsy labels like ‘organic’ and ‘all-natural’. That’s where Nishanth Chopra comes in.”

This Design Collective Is Helping Fashion Embrace Regenerative Agriculture | Vogue


“I think it’s profound - at a very small level, we’ve managed to really have an impact in a very small way but, as we grow gradually, it would be nice to stay the same, in terms of values and fundamentals.”

Dream Businesses magazine, September 2023 | Courier Magazine



“Chopra's brand is more of a collective, one with a “seed-to-sow” perspective and a fully traceable supply chain that should become the template for the global fashion industry.”

This Is What A Traceable Fashion Brand Actually Looks Like | Highsnobiety


“From start-to-finish, Chopra is able to oversee his textile supply chain [...]—a serious departure for an industry that’s been built upon layers and layers of middlemen.”

Cotton in Community: Reconnecting To Traditional Indian Farming Practices In The Prakriti Fibershed | Fibershed