Organic farmer, Mithun, proving organic farming can be profitable in every way

Mithun is from Erode district in Tamil Nadu. Against his parents’ wishes, after he finished his B.E in Electrical Engineering in Coimbatore in 2017, he chose not to go into business or pursue a career in I.T. Instead, he decided to learn about organic farming techniques and take over his family farm. He has now been practising organic farming for two and a half years, growing vegetables for his family to eat, along with cotton, black gram, and bananas. He is also integrating biogas into the running of the farm. He was determined to prove that organic farming could be more profitable and more productive than conventional farming. Through his success, other farmers have been able to learn about the potential of organic methods. Here, he talks to Nishanth Chopra about his journey, the opposition he has experienced, and plans for a healthier planet and future.